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Download TotalRecovery 9 for Windows

by Rsload

Secure Your Data With TotalRecovery



TotalRecovery is a full-featured backup tool for Windows. It offers an array of advanced security features such as regular scanning, full-system scan, defragmenting, and many more. With this program you can easily recover any of your important data. What makes this particular product so special is that it backs up Windows, emails, software, partitions, and any other data on a compact image file. What makes TotalRecovery so different from other backup programs is that it also integrates various important and basic features covering the ever-important need to secure & restore your irreplaceable data.

You can also run your backup through Windows Defender or Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) which are upgraded versions of Windows. The incremental upgrade option will allow you to run your backup in the future even without a Windows update. Unlike other similar products, TotalRecovery allows you to determine if you would like to do an incremental or full backup. With the full version of total recovery you can restore only changed data, while the incremental upgrade allows you to restore both changed and unchanged data in case of a failure. You can also set a schedule for when to run your backup which can be done at regular intervals or daily, weekly, or monthly times.

You can save a lot of money and time by restoring your data yourself. TotalRecovery does not require complex software, so you will not have to hire a computer expert to run the backup and restore operations for you. This program is very easy to use and does not require you to be a technology guru to fully utilize its features. Using this outstanding product, you can effectively secure your important data and run the backup and restore operations yourself to save money and time.

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