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Download Free Excel Password Recovery 2.5.0 for Windows

by Rsload

Free Excel Password Recovery Made Easy

Free Excel Password Recovery

Free Excel Password Recovery made by Thundersoft is available for download from the software repository at no cost and the software is compatible only with 32-bit edition of Windows 10, Windows 8.x, Windows 7. The free shareware software is also included in the same category as PC Security Tools in PC Safety Tools. In some rare cases, Windows operating system may require to be adjusted. If this happens, then the user should consult the Windows support center for instructions.

One of the advantages of using free excel password recovery program is that it is available at no cost and it can recover passwords of any type. However, it requires the user to have physical access on the computer where the stored files are located. These files usually contain usernames and passwords. In order to recover the passwords, it is important to use a program that has maximum flexibility, and can recover passwords of various types such as word, text, Excel, PowerPoint, XLS, PDF, HTML, BMP, RAR, and many other commonly used formats of files.

This program can also recover passwords of personal and workbook forms and Excel passwords. It can recover the passwords of some other applications such as Power Point presentations, Word and Excel documents, Project files and many other application types. This software can also recover password of Microsoft Office applications such as MS Office, Power Point and Excel.

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