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Download Password Revealer 1.0 for Windows

by Rsload

Find Windows Password Windows 10 Quickly And Easily

Password Revealer

Password Revealer is a program which allows you to quickly find your forgotten password or a stolen account. It claims to reveal several choose passwords, however this program falls very short of such other programs. The interface of Password Revealer is merely a single long button with brief explanatory text. Using the software takes little user expertise.

Password Revealer is a program designed by a group of computer security experts including John Goodale and Robert Hudson. This app works flawlessly on both windows XP and windows 7. I had to restart my system after installing the app but that was about all it did. There is an option in the program menu for “hide passwords”, however I use the “show passwords” option to keep my passwords hidden behind the Windows logo & logo. This way they can’t be accessed by others.

Password Revealer also has another positive feature. You can automatically save all passwords of several computers in a single file for future reference. If you forget one password and can’t remember it you can find windows password windows 10 instantly and easily. The software also has an integrated “lock” option, which prevents the users from accidentally removing the stored passwords.

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